My Decision: Saying ‘Yes’ to Python

Ok, I’m not exactly a newbie to coding. I took a course in C as a part of my undergrad degree, and have decent experience working with VB & R. So not that bad, right?

The problem is, it’s hard to say yes to a new language. Even harder, if that language is widely popular and used by “experts”, because then you’re starting at the bottle of the barrel. And leaving the comfort zone of your mother tongue (a language you are proficient at) to switch to a new one takes mental conditioning. You have to unlearn to learn, and you have to converse in the new language obsessively. Why? Because if you don’t commit, you won’t be able to get the nuance right. And that means you will not be fluent.

So, starting today (13 Nov 2019) I have to get my hands dirty, start with the basic elements and take the baby steps. I have to switch my mother tongue to snakespeak.

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